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In her paintings, Amanda Clyne achieves a striking contrast between the sensitive representation of her subjects, and the rigid sliced effect of the overall image.

Here is what she says about the process:

I begin my process by culling images from fashion magazines. Cropping the image into a portrait, I re-print the image on to a surface to which the printing ink does not adhere, so the image remains wet. I photograph the print as the fluid image morphs and dissolves over time. I then compose a new image from fragments of these photographs—each image each is comprised of slices of the image at various stages of dissolution. Once I have resolved the final composition, I project the basic outlines of the image onto a canvas, and use a print-out of my composition as a painting reference. Each fragment is taped off and painted separately. Because of the narrow width of the fragments (some are less than 1/4 inch wide), I usually paint every third fragment, then while I wait for those fragments to dry, I paint alternating fragments on a different painting. Some paintings require three or four rounds of painting, so I work on several paintings at once.  (quote via Colossal)

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So according to Mother London’s 09/09/11 newsletter we will soon all be clad in 3D printed clothes. Turns out a machine that can digitally print clothing has been developed without me having any idea such a thing was possible…sounds even more farfetched and futuristic than the inventions in the Margaret Atwood novel I’m reading.  But yes, it’s true (unlike their mention of a woman who claims to have been impregnated by a 3D porn film).

Check it out here:  
The hoax 3D impregnation article makes for good reading too:

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